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Supporting the Community of Cheadle

Cheadle Village Partnership exists as a Forum which brings together the
groups, organisations, businesses and residents of Cheadle, to help promote:
COMMUNICATION - So we know what's going on locally; 
COLLABORATION - So we can work together more effectively; and
CONSTRUCTIVE DEVELOPMENT - So we can see Cheadle change for the better!

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CVP Meeting - 22nd February 2022
@ 7pm in the Upper Room, Cheadle


  •  Introduction

  •  Update on the DIP – Digital Information Point for Cheadle village

  •  Planning for Platinum Jubilee – please bring your ideas and plans     from your groups/clubs that you represent

  •  Update from Community Groups - bring your news!

  •  Any other business

Everybody is welcome to attend, if you have an interest in Cheadle and what happens here, please come along and let us know. 


Cheadle has its say on our future!

This 2020 Cheadle Village Survey is now closed. There were over 1000 online responses gratefully received.

The results from the survey will be published on the Cheadle Towns Fund pages in September 2020.

CVP was supporting an application to the Town's Fund for up to £25 million to support local economic growth, regeneration, transport, connectivity, skills and culture. Your views have helped the Cheadle Town's Fund Board apply for resources to transform the economic future of Cheadle. 

Follow the link below and join in our local survey, and help shape the future of Cheadle!

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CVP was a originally a partnership between Stockport Council and key stakeholders in the Cheadle Village Area; established 25th April 2001 by SMBC to ensure the thriving of local district centres

Originally it was given administrative support from SMBC, but since 2013 we are now self-organised

Primarily a “group of groups”, most members attend the CVP in a representative capacity, but any local Cheadle political officials, community groups, residents associations, charities, schools, churches, public bodies, media agencies are invited to send representatives, along with any interested individuals.

During the Covid-19 crisis we have been unable to meet, but if you would like notificastion of our next forum meeting please complete your contact details on the form at the bottm of this page, and we will let you know the next date.

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- New Funding Award for Cheadle!

Dear Village Partnership Members

Our main Town’s Fund bid for a new station continues well, the formal application for which is being submitted in November.

But as I mentioned at the last CVP meeting, because of the application we qualified to apply for a further grant in addition to this.  I am delighted to pass on the exciting news that Cheadle has been awarded an additional £500,000 ‘accelerated funding’ – which is for capital expenditure only and is required to be fully spent by the end of March 2021, hence not anything requiring much by way of planning consents.

 Feasibility work is being done by the council to deliver the following areas (below) by March:

 Project Title                          Description                                           Cost estimate (£k)

Cycling & Walking  - Early Access Measures

New cycle track at Ashfield Road to provide an important link through to Cheadle Village Centre and possible additional improvements to Park Road - £200k

Cheadle Primary School Streets Pilot

Delivery of package of measures to pilot a 'School Street' scheme - £40k

Cheadle High Street Parklet

Installation of parklet on or around Cheadle High Street to deliver improved cycle parking and increase dwell time on the high street. - £80k

Community High Street Information Hub

Repurposing an empty window on the high street to create a new community information hub to support engagement and covid-19 economic recovery. To include a highly visible and interactive screen on the high street that can be easily updated remotely. To be operated by the Cheadle Village Partnership (CVP). - £10k

Councillor Road improvements

Early measures to improve the appearance and functionality of the public realm in front of this long shopping parade. Including cycle and parking arrangements. - £30k

Abney Hall Park Wildlife Improvements

Wildlife and ecological improvements to all ponds in the park - £10k

Diamond Jubilee Park Improvements

Improvements to Diamond Jubilee Park to encourage active lifestyles and improve the resilience of the park. To include:
- Flood mitigation/ SUDS scheme
- Path Improvements
- Fitness equipment improvements                    - £110k

Learn to Ride Area

Installation of British Cycling standard practice cycle track in Diamond Jubilee Park or Abney Hall Park to encourage cycling amongst young people in the area. - £20k

TOTAL = £500k

 You should note that the funding is now in place for our Information point (or maybe more than one).

The sort of thing we are going to explore is something like this:

In addition, there are some possible grants to help vacant shops or upstairs  convert to useful economic units – but that discussion is in the early stages, and if it develops I will suggest an extra CVP meeting where it can be discussed.

All this is good news for our community, and has been facilitated by the string results from our local survey; so thanks for your support and help.

All the best


Rev Dr Rob Munro

Chair of Cheadle Village Partnership


Get in touch with Cheadle Village Partnership to learn more about our termly meetings and how you can get involved.
Chair: Rev Dr Rob Munro; Vice-chair: Andrew Fraser;
Treasurer: Jim Lancaster; Secretary: Liz Woods

c/o Church Office, 11 Wilmslow Road, Cheadle, SK8 1DW

0161 428 8050

Thanks for submitting!

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